Social exclusion

Illustration credit

Pep Boatellea is a Catalan illustrator and Graphic Designer born in 1983

From his studio in Barcelona works for different clients around the world

His powerful style is the trademark of his illustrations, always focused on telling stories and passing on different ideas

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Social exclusion is a concept used in many parts of the world to characterise contemporary forms of social disadvantage. Dr. Lynn Todman, director of the Institute on Social Exclusion at the Adler School of Professional Psychology, suggests that social exclusion refers to processes in which individuals and entire communities of people are systematically blocked from rights, opportunities and resources (e.g. housing, employment, healthcare, civic engagement, democratic participation and due process) that are normally available to members of society and which are key to social integration.

The outcome of multiple deprivations that prevent individuals or groups from participating fully in the economic, social, and political life of the society in which they live.