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Stigmabase is a canadian non-profit internet initiative dedicated to informing and raising awareness on the damaging effects of social exclusion and stigma around the world. The marginalization of individuals or categories of individuals is a too common phenomenon. Millions of people are facing this problem around the world and many complex factors are involved.

Since 2010, Stigmabase lists every week — 52 weeks per year — stories about social exclusion and its causes throughout the world — in 12 languages. Stigmabase hopes to be a vehicle for change and combat social exclusion throughout the world.

The Stigmabase initiative is part of a Multilateralism approach and rejects any populist, souverainism, nationalist, hate and fundamentalist doctrines. Stigmabase believes in A TOTAL equality between genders, races, cultures, and equal opportunities for all..

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Robert Savignac


First posts : September 7, 2010

Robert Savignac is a North American speaking French. He currently lives in Canada.

Business manager, and president of a network made up of 10 bookstores: Robert is the publisher of 159 works. Trained accountant, he was VP Finance for an important translation firm in Toronto. He carried out many management and business organization mandates. He also drew up many communication plans for the Web.

He suffered a burnout at the end of the 90s, then chose a new career path in information technology. He created management applications for various bars and restaurants. This second career as an administrator in Montréal's Gay Village meant that on a daily basis, he dealt with setbacks, caused by prostitution, drug addiction, alcohol, and compulsive gambling.

These experiences and his work in the field were a major turning point in his life. In the years that followed, he became an ardent and passionate advocate of equity, harm reduction and reintegration.

The founder of Stigmabase totally rejects any nationalist rethorics, an their obsession rooted in xenophobia and in the past.

For him ... The world does not need more borders.

Stigmabase is proudly Canadian

To those who have been there and

who have believed in Stigmabase mission ...

Nathalie Comeau

Co-Founder | Research and development

Conseillers fondateurs

Francis et Kati furent les premiers intervenants bénévoles à commenter le projet. Ils fut alors facile de constater que tous les deux savent placer les valeurs humaines au-dessus de tout. Leur fougue, leur détermination et leur générosité furent impressionnantes


Carl Lacroix

Maxime Morin

APE (Quebec city - CANADA): Christian Audet - Annie St-Cyr

Maison de Lauberivière (Quebec city - CANADA) : Éric Boulay - Marie-Pier Déry - Francis Peuch - André Larose

Artmérik (Quebec city - CANADA ) : Catherine Grenier - Jacynthe Gauthier - Martin Beaulieu - Martin Lagacé

Action chambreurs (Quebec city - CANADA) : Stéphane Baudelot

Let's fight exclusion


Stigmabase do not handle personal or sensitive user data.

STIGMABASE do not discriminate on any unlawful basis with regards to hiring or employment practices, including discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, veteran status, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy status, sex, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, medical condition, sexual orientation or any other characteristics.

Stigmabase respect all social and economic status

Stigmabase is a strong supporter of open source